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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rolling Stops

So I do not have much experience when it comes to public transportation and Quito is no exception. Joel and I decided to go to the mall after school today, and decided to take the bus since it only costs $0.25. What they don´t tell you is why it costs so little. Here is why. There are barely such things known as bus stops here. You have to stop fifty times on the way to your destination because people are hailing buses like they are taxis! Then, when you finally get close to your destination, you have to get up while the bus is still moving and tell the bus driver to stop....but he really does not even stop. He does a rolling stop and it is up to you to basically jump off! Unless you are lucky and happen to stop at a red light. I am still making my thirty minute journey up the mountain to my house everyday even though there is a bus...but I don´t know how I feel about jumping off a bus uphill, but in time and with practice I am sure I will get it!

Also, I cannot finish this blog without mentioning some things about my host family. I knew going into this that you cannot pick the family you get...it is sort of luck of the draw. Well..I wasn´t so lucky! We have been having some major communication issues because there is a huge generation gap between my host mom and I. She expects me to go to school, get lunch, then come home and stare at the ceiling. Now keep in mind she goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 5am. Now if I had her schedule..staring at the ceiling would not seem so bad BUT! I have made a lot of friends here and we have been enjoying what Quito has to offer in more aspects than one. I have been fortunate enough to travel with a smart group of people and we have yet to face major problems in Quito. The danger people speak of here sometimes makes me chuckle because I just want to say...you haven´t seen East St. Louis. ;)

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  1. The bus does do a "rolling stop," LOL!

    I can so relate to the host family situation. My housemate is older and she expects me to do just as you mentioned as well. So I try to switch up the routine so that she doesn't get too comfortable with my schedule. And she always wants to know the details of my day, yet when I ask about hers, the common response is always "Bien!"