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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Life

I really think I am getting far too comfortable living the Equatoriano life and far too quickly! Yesterday I roamed around Quito for a few hours after my class ended. I stopped in another vegetarian restuarant which was suprisingly cheaper than the last one and had even better food! ah the life! I then went to a juice bar and got a fresh coconut drink made. It was a very relaxing day after a horrible day of class! Okay here is how it works here. Every week we rotate teachers. Last week, I loved my teacher. I felt very relaxed and she had a lot of patience even if it took ten times for me to pronounce the same word. The teacher I have this week is probably the most demanding teacher I have had my whole college career and it was only day one. She speaks extremely fast and pounds lessons into my head until she is sure I got it. Now I know I need this. I am only complaining because hey I am a college student. It´s what we do! Even though I still have a headache from yesterdays lesson and I am about to start a whole new day of Spanish lessons from hell...I am ready! I think...


  1. Hi Kirsten...We're beginning to think this is study abroad without the "study"..ha! We hope you are taking pictures and videos because we want to see everything. We miss you a lot. Have fun!

  2. Kirsten
    Forgot to tell you...I am headed to Singapore tomorrow and will be back Sunday. Dad, Daniel and Lexi say hi and pooter doesn't care : )