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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh wow!

Now you don´t have to tell me..I know this is my third day here and I am just now getting around to writing a blog. But rememeber! It is not like there is a Starbucks on every corner and every casa has wifi! I was told that there would be a computer lab at my school with Internet which is true...but there is only one computer, which is not a problem, but you can see why it is hard to get on the Internet to blog. I have been in class since 8am this morning and am just now finishing up at 5pm. I am pretty sure my head is going to explode with all of the Spanish I have been learning, but I mean that in a good way! I have learned more in the three days of INTENSIVE Spanish than I have in the three years of Spanish in the United States...I am proud to say that I did indeed have a dream in Spanish last night. lol But that is all I have time for now...Hasta mañana!!

Oh and here is a short video of two of my new family members.


  1. So glad to hear it is all going so well. We've been wondering when you'd finally get a chance to update us. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Hi Daughter! We miss you. Sounds like you are learning a lot already. Don't forget to take lots of pictures.
    Love...your family