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Friday, May 28, 2010

All is right in the World

You know why? Because I just discovered there is an Internet cafe right next door to my school and it is only $0.80 an hour or something like that. Now I don´t feel so cut off from the world! haha. I will start uploading videos tomorrow because I have taken some really good videos with the Flip that Julie let me borrow! So Ecuador..where to start..where to begin? Well we can start with my long voyage I must take from my house to the school. My school is in the city center and my house is located conveniently at the top of a mountain. :) I have walked down the hill to school every morning and back up the hill to my house every evening and let me tell you...walking vertical IS NOT EASY. Up or down! This morning I decided to not be cheap and spend the whole $1.40 on the taxi ride to school..yes I said $1.40. And I think he actual over charged me! It should be closer to 1.00 or 1.25 but who is counting right? Yesterday, my friend Joel and I went out in search for a vegetarian restaurant and we found one! You know how we knew it was a vegetarian restaurant? It was called..¨Restaurante Vegetariana¨! From my experience thus far, Equatorianos like to make things simple, take things slow, and relax. I could not agree more with the lifestyle. Yesterday, we went on a field trip to ¨La mitad del mundo¨which is literally the Equator! How many people do you know that have visited the actual Equator?! And it was actually pretty cool outside..I dont know why I thought we were going to burn to a crisp. haha It was about an hour trip by metro then bus and only cost $0.50 total to get there. I am really afraid that I am getting used to these prices far too soon. I am going to expect to go to a restaurant in the United States and receive three course meals for two dollars. Can you make that happen please? Anyway..I have to type up this report about the history of tamales because I have a presentation about them today, but it´s not so bad because afterwards we get to make them! Hasta Luego ;)

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  1. Kirsten, I'm so happy that all is right in your world! I am living vicariously through you. Enjoy every minute. ~Julie